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Water Activities In The Adirondack Region

If you can never spend too much time in or on the water, than a vacation to the Adirondacks is for you. With numerous lakes and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams, you'll find it hard to run out of new places to explore and enjoy activities like whitewater rafting, kayaking or swimming.

With so much to do, we have put together a list of some of the most popular water activities you'll find near the inn. As you plan your vacation, take a few minutes to map out an outline of which ones you want to be sure to enjoy while you are here. Or simply refer back to the list each morning of your vacation and choose the ones you feel like doing that day.

Boating, Rafting, Swimming And More In The Adirondacks

Whitewater Rafting. For a little adventure during your Adirondack vacation, whitewater rafting is it. There are numerous outfitters in the area that offer multiple trips daily, particularly on the Hudson River. Whether you are vacationing alone or with a small group, rafting down the river offers thrills and excitement. Rafting trips can last anywhere from 3 hours to all day so you can plan your trip accordingly. A number of outfitters also offer tubing trips on the region's rivers.

Rent a Boat. Many of our guests love boats, and some even own their on boats back home. So of course they want to explore the area's lakes by hopping in a boat and heading out on the water. Lucky for them the Adirondacks is home to numerous marinas, hotels and businesses who rent boats to visitors. And it's not limited to big lakes like Lake George and Sacandaga Lake. Some of the smaller, more serene lakes have boat rentals available as well.

Swimming. We do have an outdoor pool right onsite, but if you're in the mood to take a dip in a lake or stream, you're near to that as well. It's tough to go any where in the Adirondacks without hitting some water, whether it's a river, waterfall or lake. This is one activity we recommend that you do some research about beforehand, so you can plan the perfect trip. Would you like to hike to a secluded swimming area? Do you want to be on a beach near a small town? Or would you like a stream that takes you downstream? It's all here - you just make the decision.

Canoeing and Kayaking. Whether you bring your own or plan to rent, traveling the waters in the Adirondacks by kayak or canoe is as good as it gets. Nothing beats launching onto a serene lake at dawn, as the fog rises from the surface. Whether you choose to boat or kayak to see more of the region, fish, exercise or a combination of the three, once you experience the peacefulness out on the lake you'll never want to head back to sure.

Water Parks. Once Summer comes around, the various water parks in the Adirondacks come to life. Perfect for a hot afternoon, especially if you have little kids in your group. Choose from parks that have thrill rides, kiddie pools or a good combination of both.

No matter what level of excitement you like your water activities at, be sure to bring your towel and sunscreen when you vacation in the Adirondacks. If you're looking for something different from water filled activities, learn about other fun ways to spend your time in the Adirondacks:

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