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Adirondack Day Excursions From The Copperfield Inn

Guests at The Copperfield often asks us for ideas of what to do while they are staying with us. To help guide them, and everyone who comes to visit the majestic Adirondack Mountain region, we will be posting a number of great day trip excursions. Each will focus on a specific topic, but you can definitely mix and match them as you like to build your perfect excursions from your home base at The Copperfield Inn.

The first of our day trip topics could very well be the most popular: What's an inexpensive way to enjoy the Adirondack Mountains? We have the perfect itinerary for a warm day that will be filled with great activities, sights and memories while keeping your budget in mind. And the best part is, the time you spend on any of the items on the list can be adjusted to allow you and your group to enjoy what you like the most for the longest period of time. So let's get to it.

Budget Friendly Adirondack Day Trip

Wake up to the sunrise. Nothing starts a day like watching the sun come up in the sky. There's that extra chill in the air before it starts to warm up (a great reason to grab your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate), the dew on the grass and the thought that you are one of the few people who is out and about already. Give your day an energy boost by getting up before the sun.

Power up. And we mean the old fashion definition of the phrase. Start your day with a solid breakfast. There are a few cafes and restaurants in town to get you going. No reservations needed. Be sure not to leave hungry because with any luck you'll be burning most of those calories off before mid-morning.

Tie on some comfortable hiking shoes. What would a trip to the Adirondacks be without a little hiking? If you have a favorite trail, feel free to head there. But if this is a new activity for you, you can do some online research or ask some folks here at the inn. There are some hiking trails that involve quite a bit of elevation (especially if you drive north 45 minutes north to the High Peaks region), but some of the most beautiful trails and ones that allow you to enjoy the most are rather flat. They'll go through some wooded areas, along some streams and expose areas of New York that very few have ever visited before. And with any luck you'll see some of the amazing Adirondack wildlife in the area.

Enjoy a waterfall. There are hundreds of waterfalls in the Adirondacks, ranging from a few feet to a few hundred feet. One of the nearest to the inn is Dunkley Falls (Wevertown), but depending on where your hike takes you there may be closer waterfalls to where you end up.

Pack a basket. A picnic lunch is a great option when planning a day away from The Copperfield Inn. It's inexpensive, you can pack what you like, the timing is up to you and there's just about no place in the Adirondacks that doesn't work well as a setting for a picnic.

Hop in the car. Just a short drive, we promise. Lake George is only a half hour drive from North Creek. And although you could spend a few dollars playing mini golf, visiting a museum or buying souvenirs, you can also enjoy the beaches and walking the main street for free. It's a bit of a change of pace from North Creek, but many of our guests enjoy spending a few hours there during their vacations.

Take a quick dip. Before you sit down for dinner, take a swim in our outdoor pool. It not only will cool you off, but it's a great way to relax any muscles that you may have worked out during your fun packed day.

Grab a bite at Trapper's. No need to go very far for a quick meal in a fun atmosphere. Trapper's offers a casual menu (sandwiches, appetizers and entrees) in a unique Adirondack atmosphere.

Watch the night sky. The night sky doesn't get much more pristine than up here in the Adirondacks. Take advantage of the clear skies and watch the stars as they move across the night sky. And don't forget to make a wish should you see a shooting star (but don't tell anyone what your wish is or it won't come true).

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