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Adirondack Wildlife

The Adirondack forest preserve is home to a great variety of wildlife. The terrain, vegetation and climate are ideal for some creatures all year long, while others just spend a few months out of the year here.   No matter when you visit, a day trip around the Adirondacks is always a great adventure (so be sure to bring your camera to capture these animals in their natural habitat).

If you're a bird watcher or just enjoy the beauty of creatures soaring through the sky, be prepared for some magical sites. With its lush forests, the Adirondacks are home to some of the most beautiful birds in North America (about 260 species worth of birds), including Bicknell's Thrushes, Spruce Grouse, Philadelphia Vireos, American Three-Toed Woodpeckers, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Bay-Breasted Warblers, Rough-Legged Hawks, Crossbills Red-Tailed Hawks, Osprey and Turkey Vultures. Then there is the Loon, which is probably the most popular of all the birds that call the Adirondacks home.

Other animals you may come across as you travel though the Adirondacks are Beavers, Muskrats, Deer, Red Foxes, Raccoon and Skunks. You probably want to keep a safe distance from them, but they are nice to watch as they go about their business in their environment. The area is also home to Black Bears, Bobcats and Coyotes. Although it is rare that you will see any of these, but if you do please take precautions to keep yourself at a safe distance. And if you see a snake, it most likely will be a harmless Garter Snake. But south of us near Lake George on Tongue Mountain there are some Rattlesnakes living there, so keep an eye on where you walk and sit if traveling that area.


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